The Ultimate Mount Evans, Colorado, Photography Guide

Tin Man Lee
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I felt this immense pain as if my fingers were frozen, together with my severe headache at the high altitude of 14,000 feet, I could barely move. People were running and screaming as the gust blew up the ice on the surface of the frozen lake, knocking some of them down. What did I get myself into? 

Hi, my name is Tin Man Lee and I am the creator of the very popular "Dynamic Tension Stacking" Digital Workflow Masterclass. I'm the 2018 winner of wildlife category and the 2013 grand prize winner of the Nature's Best Photography Windland Smith Rice Competition, an international contest with over 25,000 entries. 

Have you ever dreamed to photography the majestic mountain goats and their babies but don't know where and how? Have you travelled to Mount Evans in Colorado but only came back with photos that you weren't happy about? 

I know how you feel. I've been there. I've been to Mount Evans without seeing a mountain goat kid at all! I almost got frost bite on my fingers and suffered from severe high altitude sickness, driven in conditions with no visibility, and came back with terrible photos that I hated. 

Since then, I researched the location obsessively, studied the best photos I could find of this species, even hired a professional guide to tell me all the secret about the place. After years of trials and errors, I still kept going back to the location, again and again. I was finally able to have my photo of mountain goat published by Outdoor Photographer Magazine and Ranger Rick Magazine, and won editor's choice in 500px and had the photo displayed as a 5 foot print in an invited exhibit at HKUST, Hong Kong. 

What I learned from photographing in Mount Evans, was that there's a strategy for that. So what I got today for you is this program called Ultimate Mount Evans Photography Guide, a program that teaches you step-by-step how to plan your best trip to Mount Evans, Colorado, and take stunning photos that could move people and have a higher chance to win awards. It's a 4-section guide which teaches you the critical 4 elements, which are the exact same strategies I use to create award winning photos. Summer is the best time to photograph mountain goat babies. So if you are planning to go find them, this guide is going to save you years of effort and show you powerful ways to nail your shots. 

In this guide, I tell you what dates are the best to go, where to stay, how to plan your daily routine, what lens to bring, what kind of shots you should strive for, what are the 5 most deadly mistakes you should avoid that can RUIN all your photos there, and whether you should go alone or join a workshop/tour, and which tour leaders are the best. 

I will show you my 7 secret techniques to photograph mountain goat which will instantly boost your creativity in the field and transform your photography. You no longer have to hunt around all over the internet to figure this out, or drive around the place passively to look for a shot. This guide is going to save you so much time. You'll know exactly what and how to do to take the best shots of your life when you get there. 

This is different because no guides have covered this topic. Most don't teach you the 5 deadly sins that will ruin your shots in Mount Evans and how to avoid them easily. One of the reasons this guide is different from any other guides you may have purchased, is that with my experience in winning photo awards, being invited as judge of various contests, and with hundreds of students who are winning awards after taking my course, I use an unconventional way to teach, which is very easy to follow yet it harnesses the human psychology of emotion to unleash the power of storytelling in photography. 

I spent over 10 years learning how to do this, and do it well, at a world class level. You can spend 10 years yourself, but this is going to save you the 10 years. I charge over $6,000 for a guided tour to places like Alaska. This guide is the next best thing to joining a tour with me, where I teach you step by step. And now, you can have it for only $97. 

To celebrate this new release, I'm also including a bonus, the Falkland Island Guide, valued at $97. Falkland Island in my opinion is the best place on earth for penguin and albatross photography. That's a total value of $194.

Besides, you're going to get my PDF cheatsheet for low light action photography that's valued at $97. That's a total value of $291. (To be released June 6, 2019)

Here's why there is no risk. I provide a 30-day money-back guarantee. If for any reason you are not happy with the product, I will provide a full refund no question asked. 

This offer expires in 24 hours and the price will go back up to $97 and the bonuses will be gone. 

Hey look, I know your number one challenge is that you want to improve your wildlife photography. You want to learn how to best use your camera and lenses. So I've included an extra bonus course, "Introduction to Wildlife Photography", valued at $397, to help you do just that. That's a total value of $688. (To be released June 6, 2019)

To sum it up, here's what you'll get.

1. 4-section (over 2 hours) of HD video tutorials plus 149 slides of instruction. $97

2. Falkland Island Guide + Trip report (quest of golden tear drop), $97

3. Low Light Action Photography PDF Cheatsheet, $97

4. Introduction to Wildlife Photography Video Tutorial, $397

So click the button now, I can't wait to see you in the class!

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The Ultimate Mount Evans, Colorado, Photography Guide

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